New fambly member: introducing Songnostic

Announcing the birth of a younger sister to BlognosticSongnostic is my new blog specifically about songwriting and music-schmindustry related topics.

I’ve been trying out posts for a few weeks, partly because more and more often I’m being asked to get involved with workshops, which I really enjoy. I want somewhere to chuck down the ideas that arise from those – and also thoughts that may be useful to other people trying to write songs or make music.

I know Blognostic is feeling a little nervous about this new addition but I’m hoping if anything it’ll be easier to write non-music blog entries for Blognostic, as they’ll be a bit less tangled with my music making.

Anyhoo, I’d appreciate any comments or criticism – already worrying that it’s too po-faced and ‘sensible’ for me. I’d especially appreciate your comments if you’re a songwriter yourself and also if you know of other blogs about songwriting that I can link to, because I’ve struggled to find any that aren’t horrifically corporatist.

That link again: SONGNOSTIC

Cheers. x


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