Can you help make my ‘book burning’ video?

I need your help to make my new video for ‘Words Fail Me’, which comes out as a single in September. The video is about book burning, so we’re organising a few book burnings across the world and we’ll be filming them for the vid. I’m really looking forward to it and I’ve got my books to burn in a pile already.

But what we need from you is your own bit of book burning footage to drop in. So, would you be up for filming yourself setting fire to a book (presumably one you hate) to be included in the video? You can be alone or do it with friends, drunk, sober, in a forest, by the sea, on the estate or in your house. What you need to do is pick one – or some – books you’d really love to burn. Then we need three key shots to drop into the video – but anything you film will be fantastic. These shots are:

1. you walking along, all dressed up for the book burning party, carrying the book – or books – you’re going to burn. You ignore the camera and just walk along, a group or solo, whatever.

2. a portrait shot of you just looking at the camera, being still, just looking at the camera. If there’s lots of you, can we have a portrait of each of you and maybe a team shot?

3. the money shot – burn those books. as much footage as possible of you, in whatever way you’ve decided to do it. saucepans are fine. barbecues are fine. a massive fire in a wood is fine. industrial furnaces, however you like.

The deadline is June 10 end of June (we’re editing first week of July) and if you set fire to a book and send me footage, I guarantee you’ll be included in the final video with your name in the end credits (if you want): so get burning, then email and we’ll sort out how to get the footage to us.

Thank you so much, I can’t wait, it’s going to be my best video ever. xxx


10 responses to “Can you help make my ‘book burning’ video?

  1. Hello, I’ve shot some footage for your video. It’s not HD but the camera is a canon XM1 so the image quality is good. I have a web site that you could upload the footage from, what format do you want it in? it’s roughly cut in final cut pro at the moment.


  2. That’s fantastic Bex, thank you so much, really appreciated.

    Either I’ll be editing in iMovie or we’ll hire someone to do FinalCutPro (cos I can’t use it well enough). So a format that can be used in both would be great.

    Let me know the site asap and I’ll nab the footage.

    Thanks again, four down!
    Chris x

  3. So how can I get the footage to you?

  4. Ok, I’ll look into what’s the best way to get the footage to you. I’m used to just taking straight off the camera. If the person editing has a camera the takes mini dv tapes I could send you the tape? If that would be easier?

  5. hey Bex, if I’m honest I’d not even considered the possibility of footage ‘on tape’ rather than just as pure digital files. Either way is fine – send the tape (address above) and we’ll figure it out, or transfer onto a computer and send files. Really, really appreciate this, sorry if it’s complicated! Thank you xxx

  6. Is there still time to do this?

  7. Hi, just wondered how the editing is going?

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