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Will Self on Question Time

I know I should be shouting about the album (omfg CDs arrived today, look sweeet) but I had to digress because I can’t get this moment of moral clarity out of my head, from last night’s Question Time: it needs transcribing. They were debating one of the killers of Jamie Bulger. Amid a hawkish, invasive majority view (particularly depraved from Carol Vordermort, who has revealed herself to be an angry, ill-informed sponge for sub-Melanie Phillips Daily Mail fear-isms)…

…amid all that, Will Self said this:

“But there’s something weird, isn’t there, in the kind of British collective imagination about child killers, because there’s a presumption that these boys, who were 10 years old at the time of the crime, must be more evil than an adult killer. Is that what people are thinking? Are they all thinking: “Wow, they must be super evil?” You know, let’s turn it round the other way and just float the weird, strange idea that they maybe didn’t really know what they were doing. People who read the transcriptions of the case at the time and heard these boys’ testimonies heard very, very confused 10-year-old children talking about something.

So people talk in terms of the killers of Jamie Bulger as if they were some kind of Mengele figures, some kind of incredibly evil people: what a frightening thought that they might not have been evil at all.

And even to talk about as you do and as people here – and even I caught Shirley [Williams] saying it in terms of ‘murder’; ‘murder’ is ‘malice of forethought’, I read the transcriptions of the Bulger trial and there was no real evidence of malice of forethought in their crime.”


Can you help?

Hey hey, I hope you’re well. I don’t normally post music-related mail outs here but it’s not like I put out a record every day, so here’s the ‘call for help’ email I just sent to my mailing list. If you can do anything, email

Obviously in my house it’s album time: LOVE IS NOT RESCUE is out in 2 weeks, the ‘Nintendo’ single is out to download on Monday and my UK tour starts this weekend. But before life goes nuts, this is an extra email to ask for your support – please can you help me spread the word about all of this mess? There are a few simple things that you could do if you feel like it that will make a real difference:

1. Just talk about it. You know, if you’re coming to a gig or like the album, or if you don’t. Every time you mention it online or to your friends, or stick the CD on when there’s people around, or discuss it on a forum or add a song to a Spotify playlist, you’re doing me a big favour. Promo means nothing compared to real people connecting other real people to the music they’re into.

2. if you’re going to buy LOVE IS NOT RESCUE and come to a gig, please pre-order the music and buy tickets in advance.

you can get ‘Nintendo’ from 7Digital here:
or get the exclusive 4 track iTunes EP version of ‘Nintendo’ here:

and links to UK tour tickets are here:
it’s ace, most gigs on this tour are doing much better than the last few tours and a couple may even sell out, so thank you very much if you’ve already bought tickets. I promise I WILL NOT go back to the same cities and play the same album again later on. This is your only chance to hear LOVE IS NOT RESCUE in this format in these towns.

3. Please don’t illegally download or fileshare it. I know it’s been leaked and is out there, it’s easy, God I know, weirdly I even feel guilty for asking. But please don’t. Go and buy the motherfucker and maybe I’ll be able to make some more.

4. Tell me your favourite loo. Seriously, if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I’m tweeting photos of every loo I go in (!) in museums, houses, venues, wherever. I’m using the hashtag #loo2010. So what’s the best loo near you? If I can get there, I’ll snap it with a credit for the tip-off. And one day you’ll be in a big coffeetable picture book.

5. Posters and flyers. We’re sending out beautiful golden A2 posters & flyers this weekend to lovely people around the UK who always help me by sticking them up in record shops, cafes, wherever. Do you want to join us? You’ll get as few or many posters/flyers as you need. Just reply or email – with your postal address – and we’ll send you a pack. Thank you so much.

I hope that’s cool, most of all, come and say hello if we’re in the same room. See you out there.
Chris xxx