law degrees

As of this week, it’s now illegal in the UK to photograph a police officer, under terrorist legislation. No, I didn’t mis-type, if I’d meant to write ‘anti-terrorist’ I’d’ve written that. Same week, it turns out Home Secretary Jackie Smith took £100,000+ of our money on top of her minister’s salary, to pay her sister for rent on one room.

What we really need right now is a really flamboyant, imaginative, V For Vendetta or Unabomber-style one-person ‘terrorist’, to take a massive stand against the grand theft and moral bankruptcy of our establishment. Banksy with a cannon, putting into operation various elaborate ‘spank-the-bankers’ or ‘waterboard Hoon’ schemes.

It’s weird it hasn’t happened, just like it’s weird that the assassination of the oppressor by the oppressed seems to have vanished in modern times. Nowadays the only people assassinating individuals seem to be powerful foreign governments. How come, when Joe Public is so obviously bloody furious and frightened, nobody’s kidnapped Hoon or Miliband or some of the bankers or that oleaginous cunt Smith, humiliated shit out of them, left him in a Brixton backstreet and then distributed the footage to every online video service?

I know, I know, it’s obvious, a spurious question, mass media divide and rule is just as powerful as CCTV and not being allowed to even photograph a fucking cop, that’s why.

Another solution: time to fuck the law.

Obviously, we already make the law take second place to our own moral/ethical imperatives. I’ve surely written this before: we drive too fast (sometimes with no good reason). We take illegal drugs. Our sex lives start at too young an age. We steal from the office or download films. We make these decisions blending personal morality with need and a calculated risk about getting caught. Very, very few of us use the written national law as a hard and fast set of rules for personal morality.

Meanwhile, what is the establishment doing? The people running the corporate world, government and media are all doing exactly the same thing, on a grand, and, it turns out, world-recession-causing scale. Read any random page of any random issue of Private Eye and you’ll get slapped in the face by some scandalous corporate, government, media or local government illegal escapade at our expense.

They’ve lost ALL moral authority and, in itself, that puts their adjustments to the written law of this land into the ‘invalid’ box. Fuck them. Damn them to Hell. If Smith has the power to put folks in prison or kick them out of the country, she should live up to the spirit of her office, not just the sneaky, carefully-worded letter of her code.

Ah fuck it, anger is energy, have another milky coffee. 

3 responses to “law degrees

  1. i hate to think what scary governtment lists you’ve got yourself added to ;]

    and i must rebuke you for your use of the word cunt. it’s not very feminist of you :p

  2. First point is fair. Pacifist protest singer flirts with ‘incitement to hatred’. Mind you some poor bloke in the UK is facing a criminal court trial because he wrote a porn story about Girls Aloud. Admittedly it was gross, but still… wtf.

    Second point, was it because I used it at all, or because I was refering to a woman? Either way, you’re the sexist, not me, I’m equal-opportunity with ‘bad’ language and take equal pleasure from calling a man or woman a cunt or a cock-end, for example.

  3. because you used it as a derogatory term, implying that the cunt is a bad thing. ideally, i don’t think any genital related words should be used derogatorily. it’s a reinforcement that genitals/sex is bad and that we should be ashamed. it’s just another layer of oppression. i’m less bothered by male orientated words of course, but only because of the gender inbalance we still have.

    i wasn’t suggesting you were sexist though, i know you better than that ;]

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