goodnight / thankyou

Hey thank-you so much for reading – what a moving and wonderful evening. I’m going to sign off now, I think McCain’s speech was pretty noble and in stark contrast to a lot of the campaign (which says everything really) and now we’re staying up for Obama’s speech and then going to bed.

The USA did a fine thing! Sleep well.



3 responses to “goodnight / thankyou

  1. Hey- hope you stayed up for Dimbleby taking the piss out of the Liberals swarming the white house. “Does anyone know why they are there? is it to see the photo of Bush calling Obama to congratulate him?” He was so cyncial all night…. still, change is good. Positive change is better. Hoorah!

  2. Hmmm… Does this remind anyone of New Labour winning in ’97. How did that work out again? Call me a cynic but lets give him a bit of time in the job before we praise Obama as the saviour of the western world (maybe he will be). McCain would have been a terrifying prospect in the White House along with that awful woman and at least the result we got shows America’s desire to change – but lets see how things do change (if at all).

  3. This is a fair comment and one I’ve heard a lot in the UK. For a great box of sceptics’ ammo (from the far left, where I sit, rather than the right) check out David Rovics’ first blog entry for ages (he’s on my blogroll) because he’s well informed on the dodgier decisions of Clinton alumni, now headed for senior positions again in an Obama administration.

    However… I didn’t remotely fall for Blair in 96/97, I never liked him the way I’ve liked Obama over the last 2-3 years. The key difference between New Labour and an Obama Democrat administration in my eyes is one of inate ability / intelligence / personality overcoming lack of privilege. When is the last time someone got elected to high office in the US or UK who had begun life in genuine poverty and worked their way up from nothing? Thatcher in 79 – but even her modest roots were comfortable compared to Obama’s.

    Blair was a public school to oxbridge dude, like almost all his contemporaries. I’m making no predictions about the future – he’s inherited an incredibly complex mess. But I do believe he’s the single best Presidential pick in my lifetime and perhaps for a longer period than that.

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