fun vs weight

I know this is exciting and fun to watch unfold but I can’t help a bubble of real relief about what Americans have (it seems) managed to do today, both overcoming / stepping up from the history of race relations but, just as important in terms of the future of the world, overcoming moral and worldview conservatism (small-c) to pick the better choice over the war hero.

I’ve been very pessimistic recently about the future of the whole world. This doesn’t remove the fears but an Obama Presidency is, in my opinion, the last great hope and the last great move in the right direction for a safe dismantling of the American Empire.

Absolutely brilliant battle of the gravitas:

Simon Schama: “Are you going to call the Presidency?”

David Dimbleby: “No!”

Schama: “Oh god!”

Dimbleby: “You’re a very curious historian…”


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