Florida & Dimbleby

With 41% of precincts in, Obama has 51%, McCain has 48%. That’s real votes, not projections, because the Beeb seem to have tied Jeremy Vine’s over-excited super CGI to real votes. Anyway, this is bloody exciting now.

Still, this late in, the longest single interview has been with Ricky Gervase!

Also, I really think David Dimbleby is struggling slightly with the pace and seeing clearly some of what’s on screens around him. He’s also moaning about some of the competitive legalising (lawyers going to places to ensure democracy happens) and sounds a bit old codger-ish.


One response to “Florida & Dimbleby

  1. re: Ricky Gervais…..his reply in that interview was almost word-for-word the same as a conversation he had on The One Show about the election a few days ago.


    Not that I watch The One Show of course………much…………..ah man I’m just digging a bigger hole for myself aren’t I?

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