as Brown speaks… another Palin rant

OBAMA I didn’t expect you to answer the door yourself.

BARTLET I didn’t expect you to be getting beat by John McCain and a Lancôme rep who thinks “The Flintstones” was based on a true story, so let’s call it even.

I just read this beautifully imagined conversation between Obama and Bartlet, apparently written by Aaron Sorkin himself. Stef Pause sent it me – thanks Stef! – and, looking at this, I cannot believe the Democrats aren’t jumping on Palin more aggressively. They need to point out in simple terms (like in this conversation) what she believes and the lies she’s telling over and over again. It’s incredible.

Deep down, my optimistic side thinks Palin still can’t actually win, for three reasons.

First, we’ve got the debates to go. The good will out.

Secondly, something’s gotta give, in her self-mythologised mess of a private and earlier political life. It’s the iceberg theory of bullshit.

Thirdly, the good old American fear factor. Palin is simply too high risk, in a period of American history where high risk has been shown to be disastrous.

Anyway, that’s my three-sided tepee, where I’ll shelter as the nerves kick in.

Right, back to Brown.


3 responses to “as Brown speaks… another Palin rant

  1. that is a brilliant article… I felt all West Wing-y again. Y’know, that inspired, warm feeling that only WW can deliver.

    I miss President Bartlett…

  2. Great link, cheers for that.

  3. And a cute coda to this: here’s Couric’s interview with Palin, where the first section is in a “walk’n’talk” style, as invented by Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme for West Wing (and curently used to such a powerful effect on House).


    by the way, the sheer appallingness of Palin’s responses go without saying.

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