Palin comparison to anyone with a brain

I can’t believe Democrats are being so delicate and polite about Sarah Palin’s pregnant teenage daughter Bristol.

I can’t believe people aren’t just saying over and over again: “That’s what happens when you teach your kids abstinence but don’t teach them contraception.” 

I can’t believe people aren’t shocked that Palin and GOP organisers knew Bristol was up the duff, yet still decided Palin should run for a hugely high-profile public office, exposing the poor girl to the judgement of the world.

I can’t believe Bristol will marry the idiot redneck, tying herself lifelong to someone so monumentally balls-deep dumb, he didn’t know how to avoid knocking her up. The sleight-of-hand blurring of ‘responsible fatherhood’ and ‘marriage’ is beyond retarded. One has to hope and pray that she’s not being ordered to marry him – that it’s not a whole life sacrificed for the GOP!

I can’t believe even socially backward Republican creationist scum think this is the right thing to do.


3 responses to “Palin comparison to anyone with a brain

  1. I feel sorry for the girl. I find it impossible to believe that the McCain camp knew nothing of the impending bundle of joy. If that’s the case it means that this girl is being cynically used to move the debate onto the things that Republicans do well: abortion, family values and back-to-basics good ‘ol fear of God. Instead of concentrating on the mess the country has been left in, the American media are back to debating Roe vs Wade and splitting the country down liberal/conservative lines again. Score one for the Republicans.

  2. They openly knew in advance – they told us that when they made the announcement about the pregnancy.

  3. Of course they knew – everytime an unmarried American teen gets pregnant, God phones the White House. However, I got the impression from Fox News that the McCain camp were unaware until the day before the VP announcement was made. Still, she knew and has no qualms about using her daughter as an campaign tool. I wasn’t happy with Obama roping in his kids last week, but this strikes me as even lower. Having read transcripts from last night I suspect this is going to be a particularly nasty election.

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