compulsory purchase order

If your property is in the way of something important, or standing on land needed for the ‘common good’, the government can force you to sell it to them with a ‘compulsory purchase order’. What about doing something like this as a solution to the power companies? Today, looking at domestic fuel price-hikes, alongside massive profits, people are finally beginning to nervously debate a windfall tax.

But fuck that, what about a compulsory profit reclaim? Or better still, let’s just renationalise the fuel companies and remove the profit element altogether from what is a basic essential? Then our fuel bills would just be running costs, with any surplus being plowed straight back into the system. This would also remove any need for corporate heel-dragging on greening their systems. Just a thought.


One response to “compulsory purchase order

  1. I think this is a fine idea, but presumably impossible to enforce on a global scale. Even on a local (UK) scale, I think the temptation towards corruption and power is too strong to resist for a vast majority of those who wish to govern us. But also, even if the government bore the brunt of the excess over cost price, we’d still have to pay for it somehow; whether it be through ridiculous taxes, or a loss of some other service. It does anger me though that we are forced into this situation, and I don’t even drive.

    What we need is a leader with some vision, and some balls. I vote you do it. Go on! The “T-T for PM” Campaign starts here!

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