ETS CEO Kurt Landgraf

After yesterday’s blog I got an extraordinary email from a friend, who is working as a temp at the coalface of this disaster – he’s responding to enquiry phonecalls from teachers who’ve had problems with their exam results. Because he’s signed a confidentiality agreement, I’m not putting his content in the blog but it is seriously shocking what has gone on at ETS. So, a bit of digging and…

Since the news agencies haven’t put any faces or names to the ongoing exam results fiasco, here you go, this is the man to ‘talk to’ if you see him:

“Tests and quality go hand in hand. At ETS, we’re doing our part.”
Kurt Landgraf, President and CEO, ETS

Read HERE what said about him as long ago as 2003. 

And an excerpt: “…In 1997, the parasite was investigated by The New York Times over concerns about the fairness and interpretation of its testing products.  In the articles emerging from that investigation, Nordheimer and Franzdelivered a stinging condemnation of ETS for its failure to correct profitable misconceptions about the meaning and precision of the tests, and for concealing the incidence of cheating.  In 1999, Education Week reporter David Hoff released details of the “non-profit’s” burgeoning wealth in an article entitled, “Testing ETS.”  Earlier, in 1985, David Owen had lambasted the company in a bitingly negative review (None of the Above).  The media has had nothing good to say about ETS, because there is nothing good to say about ETS.”

Perhaps the idiot Brits hiring ETS should have done a bit of background, say, a Google search, before selling out our education system to money-grubbing super-rich Yank corporation pretending to be non-profit.


4 responses to “ETS CEO Kurt Landgraf

  1. Is he my friend too? I told him to email a I thought you might be interested in what he had to say. Shocking stuff.

  2. You may want to do a bit more research. Kurt Landgraf did not become President of ETS untill 2000. Your excerpt lists things that went on under Nancy Cole, the former President.

  3. No Dave, the quoted excerpt is refering to the company, not the man. There’s a link to Angelfire with more specific comments on Landgraf himself.

    So, checking back, I don’t need to do more research, my blog is fine.

    Furthermore, the British Government (not known for its courage when facing its dodgy business partners) has now fired ETS’s arse. An unprecedented step. I think that shows where the greater truth lies.

    Interesting that you’d find this blog weeks after the events and, rather than feeling any outrage on behalf of thousands of children, parents and teachers who were fucked over by the company’s incompetence, instead feel concern on behalf of the guy in the charge.

  4. quickly, run a fact check on the companies who provided testing services to the NAA in the past. See how many of them have sued the NAA.

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