BBC coverage of ZOO8 festival debacle

Interesting to note these two online BBC news stories, written by the same journalist, covering this weekend’s disastrous ZOO8 festival:

Saturday, early afternoon…

Monday morning. A humbler Tigger indeed…

Given that many of the problems had already taken shape during Friday, perhaps Mr Youngs should have been a little more direct in his earlier report.


One response to “BBC coverage of ZOO8 festival debacle

  1. John Thompson

    E mails were sent informing the ticket holders that the camp site was opening at 8 when in fact the festival still opened at 10 thus the huge f*ck up with people arriving “early”
    Had your man Ian got into the real festival he would have known what a fool he looked.We entered the arena a full 2 hours late to be told by the singer of Lights Action that Mark Ronson had taken 4 ,yes FOUR hours to do a sound check and that immediately lost two bands from each stage!Bands that probably would have been playing for free.Mr Frank Carter from Gallows was a bit more succinct ! “That Diva Ronson is a c*nt.” summed up a lot of peoples feelings.One thought for Mr Ronson might be that his cover stuff is sh*t not the sound system.
    On the subject of payment for artist’s Mr Rascal’ s management had informed the organisers that Dizzee would not be playing due to 4 missed schedule payments a full two days before the event .No sudden let down there then
    Mr.James Smith of HADOUKEN! dedicated a song to the organisers,involving the idea to”Pay your fuc*ing artists”Both Gallows and HADOUKEN! played epic sets.
    The last day was a fiasco as the Tap’n’Tin tent had to close and arrtists who hadnt been payed had not turned up ,suprise suprise.Funeral for a Friend played the epic set of the day and by the time the Hives took the stage I was back in my tent drinking my umpteenth carton of fruit juice.
    Everything you hear about the festival vis-a-vis sanitary arrangements and NO running water is true.The security did there best with the limited information they had been given.Apart from that I dont think tha I will go should there be another attempt by this management team.Once bitten (ironicaly for a zoo theme)as the saying goes.

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