sin causes burning lips

Most of what happened last night was excellent and still being processed. But I’ve just got to tell you this:

Last night, around midnight in SIN nightclub (that used to be Rouge) in central London, just as I was about to jump onstage to play piano with Frank, I bought a pint of orange juice and lemonade from the bar (£3). There’d been no water left in the dressing room by the time I got there (I guess a lot of bands went through that place last night and ours was the last set).

Anyway, my drink came in a plastic pint glass. I took a couple of big gulps before realising it tasted almost entirely of disinfectant. Then I smelled the glass and fuck me it stank! I didn’t have time to complain because of the impending gig and rammed bar, so I slammed it down and went on. It wasn’t in my imagination though, my friend Mel smelled the cup for me (!) and confirmed it was awful.

Then within seconds, halfway through the first song, my lips were burning.

This morning, my lips sting like fuck, a bit like when you’ve got really bad chapped lips from cold or hot weather. Cunts. Makes me nervous about what I swallowed – and you won’t find me saying that often.


7 responses to “sin causes burning lips

  1. That’s KISS Karma…

  2. oh fuck that’s EXACTLY what happened. I dissed Simmons one too many times (well, several too many times) and the Kiss-loving angels had to punish me.

    Lil Chris was sniggering into his cocoa.

  3. You should definitely register some kind of complaint with them, although obviously it’s harder to do so after the event. If it makes you feel any better, I have been vomiting for Ireland today, so i am going to blame their crappy beer instead of admitting I just cant drink pints anymore.

    Damn fine shows though, both of them. Especially enjoyed The Fly.

  4. Sorry you’ve been drinking hellfire:0 Thanks for the comment:) Hopefully, we’ll get to have a chat at Lexapalooza, if not before. Hope you enjoy your festival fun with Frank;) x

  5. Woo, I got mentioned in a blog!

    It did indeed smell foul…very much like disinfectant. My drink didn’t have that aroma at all though.

    How have you been feeling since? xx

  6. Cunts indeed. Wotcha bumole. You’re mobile rings me at lease once a month, I can only conclude that I must be under ‘aardvark’ or ‘arsehole’.

    Hope you’re well stranger, glad to see that you enjoyed my gubbins / glasswipe trick



  7. I refuse to believe nothing interesting has happened to you in the last 12 days…get on with it and write more please. I need to live vicariously through you.

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