a small funny thing

This morning I got a scary looking official letter through the post. We’d been talking money’n’mortgages over breakfast, which inevitably meant thinking about my feckless fiscal past, so my first thought was it was from some horrid collection agency out of nowhere.

But of course it wasn’t, it turned out to be from Almex, who operate the ticket machines from London buses. Apparently I had some cash swallowed by a bus ticket machine recently and phoned to complain, so they sent me a sweet apology with – get this – £2 in coins sellotaped to the letter!

The thing is, I have no recollection whatsoever of calling them up. I do vaguely remember having to catch a bus down to Victoria after the 100 Club gig recently (because of the tube early closing) and having a drunken fight with a ticket machine. In the heat of the night, I must’ve got my complaining hat on, which can’t have been very nice for whichever hapless Kolkatta-dweller picked up the call.

Brilliant. Two squid. Vote for Ken. FYI it was two 50ps and a £1 coin. Hats off to you, Nick Stevenson, Contract Manager of the London Bus Project.


One response to “a small funny thing

  1. I never get anything good in the post…unless I paid for it…

    I am quite surprised they sent cash. You’d think it would be a cheque or something, as most people wouldn’t bother cashing it (myself included). £2 though…that’s 200 cola bottles!

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