album release day

Capital‘s out today. This is the first time I’ve ever released an album, where it’s in the shops before I’ve seen the final product and – double worry – it’s also the first time I’ve done the sleeve artwork myself. So to say I’m a bit nervous about how the fucker looks is fat understatement. This morning, I’ve got to run some errands in town, so I’m going to go look at it in a record shop. The thing is, in a small town like Brighton, is it just fucking cheesy to look at your own album on the shelves? Surely nobody’ll care, right? I just hope nobody goes – euch, you’re checking out your own record…

Live set is coming together – top fun band rehearsal yesterday, very relaxed and cheerful. I wonder if the pure act of music-making simply gets easier as you get older. Jackie, the woman who runs Under The Bridge (rehearsal studio), went off to do a photo shoot with the Green Party. She’s involved with supporting Omar Deghayes, the Brighton guy who just got out of Guantanamo Bay after 5 years. No charges brought, he’s innocent but they still put his eye out.

“Just switch the PA off and leave the cash.” She said, which is so rare these days, it felt like a throwback to a bygone era, just to be trusted.


One response to “album release day

  1. It looks great. Seriously.

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