Yucca Valley

For now, what happened in the desert stays in the desert. Except…

Saturday night, outside the coffeehouse it’s raining but the moonlit sky seems clear. It’s weird; where’s the rain coming from if there aren’t any clouds? Then we see it: the dark silhouette of a rainbow shape, set against the blackness. It seems impossible but all four of us see it and we aren’t stoned yet.

Here’s the proof we aren’t mad: it’s a moonbow. How blessed we are this night.


One response to “Yucca Valley

  1. I actually decided to look up Yucca Valley to enable me to make some kind of well rounded and interesting comment, but from what I can gather, apart from a golf course, bowling alley and nice climate, there is fuck all to do there. So thats that then.

    Someone thought my Chris TT badge was Charles Manson. Hahahahaha…

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