day 6

Three truly great gigs, one not-so-great gig and one shite gig down. For me, the posh Italian restaurant in Sherman Oaks was dreadful, then Oxnard last night was OK – for Frank it’s probably the other way around.

Last night we played in a retro diner in an old Woolworths building in Oxnard. It has a Woolworth Museum with tons of 30s-50s memorabilia, very parochial, well sweet. Best thing I noticed was an original ‘sidewalk surfboard’ but I forgot to get a photo – luckily we’re back there next Wednesday, so I’ll snap it then.They had boardgames so we played Jenga and the excellent Fact Or Crap!

A week ago there was a school shooting in Oxnard and a boy was killed, and it’s a small town so the place is still reeling. I didn’t want to compromise what I played but it’s tricky to balance violence-imbued songs like ‘This Gun’ with an audience who lost a young community-member.

We’re trying to swap kazoo solos but I’ve got the better end of the deal so far: in Sherman Oaks I blew up a storm on ‘Nashville Tennessee’, but last night Frank blew on ‘7 Hearts’ which was well annoying for him – just to stand there and play the rif every so often. Need to find him a raging solo but that’s not easy in my stuff.

We end up back in L.A. at a small pub in Hollywood for Frank’s friend Matt’s birthday. I get to meet some of The Automatic, who are out here trying to finish their 2nd record – sounds like they’re missing Cardiff and their girlfriends. Really sweet.

btw, FT “slagging it up worldwide” fans, deal may have been closed last night, I’ll find out later and let you know if I’m allowed. Talk about living vicariously through someone else’s naughtiness.


One response to “day 6

  1. Hahahaha…does Frank know you’re sharing his sluttiness with the world?

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