an unsolicited kit kat chunky

This morning, someone posted a Kit Kat Chunky through our letterbox. No idea who or why – I didn’t get to the door fast enough to check out who it was. I decided to eat it because I never get to eat Kit Kats, partly because they’re non Fair Trade evil Nestlé chocolate (which we don’t buy) and partly just because they’re chocolate (which I’m trying not to eat so much of, except savoury in Mexican food).

I decided this was a gift and therefore placed me on morally solid ground to consume it. I made a pot of coffee, opened it up and took a bite… and there was no wafer at all, it was just solid chocolate Kit Kat.

Problem is, when I taste Nestlé chocolate, it has that slightly powdery American taste which is a tiny bit gross. I’m not used to it and without the wafer to offset this, it was horrible. I threw it away.

I wonder if the crazy donor knew that it was a rogue solid chocolate. It’s put me right off chocolate altogether, which is a very good thing so close to another American trip.


6 responses to “an unsolicited kit kat chunky

  1. You jammy git! All we ever get through our door is take-away leaflets. Although, personally I think I would have been slightly suspicious of unsolicited chocolate and manage to convince myself it is poison sent forth by one of the billion people I have annoyed over the course of my life to kill me slowly from the inside out. But that’s just me.

  2. somebody once posted a hardcore porn mag through my letterbox. i put it in my recycling box.

  3. LOL – when, though Dan? “i put it in my recycling box… 3 months later” 😉

    Funny, I’ve never looked at hardcore porn in my life and in a couple months, I’m doing this feature for a local magazine, where I spend 24 hours watching porn and write about it. I’m actually nervous.

  4. why is ‘never looked at porn’ a good thing?? weirdo.

  5. never said it was good or bad, the feature was the point, ma’am.


  6. it actually was a good few weeks before it went in there, but that was mostly because i managed to turn it into a centrepiece for drunken coversations and giggles whenever i had people round. in retrospect, i should’ve returned the favour and posted it through someone else’s mailbox.

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