3 little examples of piss-poor BBC news spin

In 24 hours (and yeah I know they’re small beans but it’s the BBC ffs):

1. the speculation that the Spice Girls tour dates were cancelled because of rows. Reading the full story online, it’s clear these dates were already postponed because the UK run of shows had extended, and now are being cancelled because it would’ve meant stretching the agreed run longer than originally planned. So why are Radio 4 news headlines not explaining this and instead mentioning rows? It’s not Popbitch, it’s Radio 4. Obviously I don’t giving a flying fuck why the dates were cancelled, I just don’t want the BBC to be so prurient.

2. The ludicrous story about Woolworths withdrawing its young girls bedroom furniture line called Lolita. If lots of parents complained, how come Catherine Hanly was named on R4 as making the “first complaint” and she happens to be a journalist on a campaigning parents‘ website? Yet on the above BBC online story, she’s merely described as being “among” the compainers. So dodgy! Nobody actually complained til Hanly made the connection and put it on her website- so surely Radio 4 should’ve said “a web journalist started a campaign that led to complaints” if that’s what actually happened? I bet everyone’s linking to Raising Kids now – even me. Actually, fuck that, I’m emailing them. They’ve just encouraged and extended the ridiculous sexualisation of a girl’s name and further added to paranoia and over-fixation on underage sexuality. Lolita is a lovely girl’s name and the more idiots react like this, the more the porn merchants will own the name. Woolworth’s staff needn’t be embarrassed that they didn’t get the reference, it’s quite sweet.

3. Doris Lessing picking up her Nobel prize. The BBC news online has just said without qualification that Lessing was “unable to pick up her award through ill health” but I remember this robust (fantastic) interview on Radio 4 a while back, where Lessing was openly dismissive of the Nobels, thought it all quite silly and expressly had no intention for going to Sweden. How come the Nobel spin wins out this time?


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