oh I forgot to tell you, there were too many buggies on the bus today. The busdriver didn’t realise he’d already filled his buggy-space quota and allowed a fourth and fifth buggy to get onboard, then drove off just as they realised there was nowhere for them to go, except staying in the corridor in everyone’s way.

Or maybe it was a subtle race issue, because those last two buggies were pushed by yummy mummies from a different ethnic background to the driver, while the three yummy mummies who’d already got their buggies onboard, filling the buggy area, were all of roughly the same ethnic background to the driver. So perhaps he was thinking that it might look a tiny bit like he was a racist, if he didn’t let the extra two buggies on. Though maybe me even thinking about the possibility in those terms is in itself a bit racist, I don’t know.

Anyway, for whatever reason, it was a deeply unwise move with enjoyably chaotic consequences. At one point in the tangle I swear there were two buggies with babies in being literally lifted over the heads of the standing passengers at weird angles, bumping the ceiling, to try and get them off the bus. And people just stuck bunched together trying to stay out of their way. Made my afternoon.


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